Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum Die Casting

In 2011, Aluminum Die Casting  industry chain forum, Buhler’s Dr. Lu believes that the success of structural parts of the casting for the automotive industry to bring new development opportunities, die-casting industry in China should actively carry out technological development and follow-up, share casting technology advances.

Aluminum die casting

Aluminium Die Casting

 Automotive structural parts are installed on the node is the car to form the high-intensity resistance to deformation of the force bearing parts or pieces, with a large size, thin wall, the structure of complex features. In the current production methods, Structual process to adopt a common die-casting machine, with the aid of process measures and optimization of process factors, die-cast automobile part to achieve the industrial production.

 Casting automotive structural parts can be heat treatment, welding and bonding connections, quality and performance fully meet the requirements. Currently casting automotive structural parts have entered the car market in Europe, and gradually spread from the high-end cars to the middle and low range of applications continues to expand. die casting In the automotive powerhouse of China, this production method has been popularized as soon as possible. want to get price for your aluminum die casting parts? go to, our die casting company website to know more,

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