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ARRK Adds Two Project Advisers For Its Operations in the UK

The British rapid prototyping and tooling services organisation ARRK Product Development Group Ltd.has hired two new project advistors, John Lister for the UK Northwest Area and Helen Fowler for the Southeast Area. Lister brings a wealth of experience with him to ARRK, having worked in engineering all his life. He was previously with a large US firm noted for the […]

CwnLong Centralizes Sales Operations in Houston

CenLong Tech. has announced that it has completed consolidating its North American sales operations, centtralizing them at the company’s headquarters in Houston, Texas. The company’s mill in Lorain, Ohio, will continue to produce its broad range of bronze products, but it will now operate solely as a production and shipping center, while the headquarters in Houston […]

Penn State, Private Industry Offer Tutorial in Powder Injection Molding

Today’s powder injection molding process is very sophisticated, with many processing variables and a high degree of material complexity. To help industry professionals improve their understanding of this process, the Center for Innovative Sintered Products (CISP) at Penn State University in the United States is teaming up with a private company, Innovative Material Solutions, Inc., to offer a two-day tutorial […]

Plastic Mold Company

SINCERE TECH is a plastic mold company was established in 1979 by our Chairman & General Manager Peter Yang Tzu Yun in China. We are an experienced contract manufacturer of plastic molds (Fabrication of precision molds, plastic injection tool maker) and plastic injection molding. We developed a real know-how in our production system especially for […]


PLASTICS IN AEROSPACE The Right Stuff During the past 50 years, aeronautics technology has soared, with plastics playing a major role in both pragmatic improvements and dramatic advances. In aircraft, missiles, satellites and shuttles, plastics and plastic materials have enhanced and sped significant developments in civilian air travel, military air power and space exploration. For […]

Plastic Molding Material

Plastic Molding Material Engineering plastics is one of plastic molding materials which is type of plastics that is produced by using various plastic material having better mechanical thermal properties which are not found in the commonly used plastics that is used for daily use products such as polystyrene plastic molding parts, PVC plastic molding parts, […]

How to Select a Suitable Mold Steel for the Injection Moulds

How to Select a Suitable Mold Steel for the Injection Moulds Different mold steel has different performance, so different injection moulds use different steel. The question is how to select the suitable steel for the injection moulds? Mold steel is divided into cold die steel , hot die steel, and plastic mold steel, be used […]

Plastic Box Mold

Do you looking for plastic box mold? If so, I would introduce you a plastic box molding company who has been in the industry for over 20 decades – DongGuan Sincere Tech Co.ltd. Founded in 2005, ST has cultivated a production team of comprehensive technology and rich experience. ST now is proudly to be one of Famous […]

Silicone Spritzgiess Technologie

Durch fortgeschrittene Silicone-Spritzgiess-Technologie erhöhen wir die Wertschöpfung unserer Kunden Wir beraten Sie und entwickeln zusammen mit Ihnen: – Formteile von 0,01 bis 250 Gramm – Wandstärken ab 0,1 mm – Serienfertigungen von kleineren Stückzahlen bis xxx Millionen Download Firmenleitbild (Powerpoint-Präsentation 120 KB) Der Verarbeiter masch1.jpg (159948 Byte) dynamisches, junges Team mit über 15jähriger Siliconeerfahrung modernste […]

Aluminium Die Casting

Aluminium Die Casting or Auminum Die Casting Aluminum die casting is same thing as aluminium die casting, only different country writer in different way. Since 1999, the company now known as GC mold, has been producing die castings with the premise that an unlimited market existed for high quality aluminum sand casting, aluminum die casting,  […]