EMO Hannover 2005 Reaches New Heights

At its staging from September 14 to 21, EMO Hannover 2005strengthened its undisputed position as the most popular international trade fair for the machine tool industry. Over 160,000 trade visitors from 82 countries lined up to explore all the latest trends and cutting-edge engineering advancements for the manufacturing industries, as showcased by some 2,000 exhibitors from 39 different nations.

“This EMO vastly exceeded exhibitor expectations,” said Dr. Detlev Elsinghorst, the event’s commissioner, at the wrap-up press conference on September 21. “Even on the first day of the show, many exhibitors expressed great satisfaction with the high-yield business talks they were having with scores of visitors from all over the world.”

Attendance from abroad, representing 35% of all visitors, was well above that of the previous event in 2001. More than 10% more visitors came from overseas, especially from Asia and North America. The increase was particularly notable in the case of visitors from Japan and the USA. The next-largest foreign visitor contingents were from Switzerland, India, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, France, and the UK.

“Many exhibitors reported a huge leap in the number of specific inquiries fielded,” explained Elsinghorst. In some cases, exhibitors reported a doubling of requests for quotes as well as actual order signings—despite the fact that EMO is not positioned as a sales exhibition per se.

Many exhibitors also emphasized the importance of boosting their profile on the international machine tools market and forging ties with new business associates and leads. “Not everyone in the industry is familiar with us,” said Dr. Stephan Kohlsmann of Profiroll Technologies in Bad Düben. “And EMO is thus the ideal place to raise our image.”

Participating exhibitors were in excellent spirits at the close of the event:

  • “We are being approached by customers from all over the world intent on really talking business. And it’s not just a matter of numbers; it’s also all about making the right contacts that can culminate in major projects.” — Chris Pockett, Renishaw plc,UK.
  • “Customers have come to us with specific inquiries and projects, and we can detect strong pent-up demand. The audience makeup is extremely international, once again underscoring the special role of EMO.” — Martin Engels, DMG AG, Germany.
  • “Our visitors came with a number of very precise inquiries. We were able to close a disproportionately high number of deals. Overall, we can see that the market is now more willing to invest – in Germany, in particular.” — Dirk Hemscheid, Yamazaki Mazak Deutschland GmbH, Germany.
  • “We were surprised to see such an upswing in attendance right from the very first day. We really hadn’t counted on so much interest.” — Markus Kurringer, Gebr. Heller Maschinenfabrik,Germany.

Visitors were especially interested in the themes of cost reduction in manufacturing, increased flexibility in production, and new machining methods. The integration of various production technologies was a pronounced trend: whereas dual-technology machines were common at the 2001 show, exhibitors in 2005 presented multipurpose machining centers with built-in lathing, milling, threading and drilling components, allowing them to replace up to five machines and reducing processing times by a whopping 90%.

Over 8,500 young people visited a special youth display at EMO to check out the latest technology and career prospects in machine tools and production engineering. Fabian Niehoff, a high school pupil from Neustadt, Germany, said that the special display “made technology come alive.” Like many other students, he made the most of this opportunity to touch base with exhibitors and company representatives.

The next EMO will be staged in Hannover September 12–19, 2007.

For further information:

VDW Verein Deutscher Werkzeugfabriken e.V.

SPE Toolmaking Conference Scheduled for EuroMold 2005

Organized by the Rapid Design, Engineering and Moldmaking special interest group (SIG) of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE), an all-day conference entitled Modern Toolmaking: Crossing Borderswill be held in conjunction with the EuroMold trade fair on Thursday, December 1, 2005, in the Frankfurt Exhibition Centre. The SPE conference will run from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. and will be conducted in English.

The purpose of the society’s SIG is to explore new technologies for making moulds more quickly and more economically, to report factual evidence of their outcomes in ordinary applications, and to help SPE members learn about potentially useful new techniques. This conference is one method by which new tool design and manufacturing concepts may be introduced to a sometimes skeptical and conservative mould making establishment that must be convinced that productivity enhancements are not overbalanced by the risk involved in adopting an innovative technology perceived as still immature.

This SPE Rapid Design, Engineering and Moldmaking SIG conference consists of nine presentations offered in three thematic blocks. The morning session, on “Increased Productivity of the Mouldmaking Process,” will describe innovative practices that may help speed the process either by reducing mould testing time or by streamlining quote generation.

The early afternoon session, “Combining New Mouldmaking Techniques with Traditional Ones,” presents original approaches used by some mould makers, such as incorporating rapidly manufactured tool portions with conventionally machined aluminium centerpieces. The conference concludes with a final two-hour rapid-tooling session on “New Developments in RT Materials & Machines.”

The managers and engineers for whom the conference was created may attend one session or all three. In any case, they will have plenty of time to visit EuroMold, which runs from November 30 through December 3. Conference sponsorships and tabletop display opportunities are available. SPE members receive discounted admission.

Italian Machine Tool Maker Acquires 100% Stake in Canadian Company

A manufacturer of horizontal machining centres and special-application machine tools, Gruppo Riello Sistemi of Verona, has acquired 100% of the Canadian company Tri-Way Manufacturing Technologies Corp. The purchase represents another milestone in Riello’s process of internationalization, following previous acquisitions of Mandelli Sistemi (Piacenza, Italy) and Burkhardt+Weber (Stuttgart, Germany) and the establishment of Gruppo Riello Sistemi China in Shanghai.

Tri-Way is headquartered in Windsor, Canada, across the river from Detroit, the American automotive capital. The medium-sized machine tool company has a long history of supplying equipment for manufacturing automotive components, counting among its customers the three major American automotive companies, General Motors, Ford, and DaimlerChrysler, along with the most prestigious subcontractors in the sector.

With its 90 employees and a 2005 turnover of €15 million, Tri-Way will be a reference point for Gruppo Riello Sistemi in the North American Market, which already accounts for 10% of its total sales. Renato Pegoraro, previously sales director of Riello Macchine in Verona, has been named to run the company in North America. He is an expert on the American market.

Said Andrea Riello, company president and CEO, “This acquisition is part of the industrial plan that was started back in 1992 with the aim of reaching certain volume levels and at the same time successfully competing on the global market.” Riello noted that the plan follows three guiding principles: internal growth, product innovation, and efficient organization.”

“After having extended the product range and reached the right dimensions to face the global market,” continued Riello, “with the acquisition of Tri-Way we are now ready to fulfil the needs of such a demanding and technologically advanced market as that of North America. Our efficient sales network is now present with appropriate structures in the major product-consumption areas: Mediterranean Europe, German-speaking Europe, China, and North America.”

1,000th ‘Power User’ Achieves Certification in SolidWorks Program

SolidWorks Corp. has reached a milestone in its international program to recognize the most proficient users of its 3D mechanical design software by designating the 1,000th Certified SolidWorks Professional (CSWP). The CSWP program makes it easier for design engineers to market themselves and their services, and helps employers identify individuals who excel at quickly designing sophisticated products.

Stephen Borg, CEO of Acorn Technical Services of Oak, Nebraska, USA, is the 1,000th CSWP. Certification helps him assure new customers that he is qualified in 3D mechanical design with SolidWorks.

“CSWP certification really means something,” Borg says. “Only skilled and proficient engineers even attempt the exam. So when we tell new customers we know SolidWorks, they don’t have to worry about our skills. And if I’m hiring a CSWP engineer, I can be confident that he or she is proficient with SolidWorks.”

Although challenging to obtain, CSWP certifications have doubled every year since the exam’s inception. Many software vendors offer certifications based on the results of a question-and-answer exam, but SolidWorks also requires a hands-on demonstration of modeling skills. Candidates must show that they have advanced skills in building parametric solid models and can adhere to evaluation criteria for accurate design specifications. By the end of the eight-hour exam, they will have modeled a minimum of six challenging parts, assemblies, and drawings.

“Design engineers who are proficient enough to become CSWPs become part of a special community of proven SolidWorks talent and solid modeling innovators,” said Jeremy Luchini, SolidWorks certification program manager. “SolidWorks is especially attentive to their feedback on our products, and their suggestions often show up in the next product release. We’re proud of the success of this program, which is challenging enough to be meaningful and accessible enough to be achievable.”

CSWPs receive event discounts, business card logos, SolidWorks active wear, and a listing on the Solidworks website. Information on the CSWP program is available on line.

American Mold Builders Report Shows Importance of Injection Molding in Ireland

Applied Market Information Ltd.‘s latest guide to the injection molding industry in Ireland shows plastics processing as the most important component of the plastics industry in that country. Last year it consumed an estimated 26% of all polymers. Injection molding is now substantially greater, by volume of material used, than either pipe or film extrusion.

As outlined in AMI’s Guide to the Injection Molding Industry in Ireland, the strength of Ireland’s injection molding sector is due the country’s success in attracting foreign investment in advanced manufacturing industries over the past two decades. Since 1980, 40% of American investment in European electronics has come to Ireland, and over 300 overseas electronic companies operate there. Some 80 medical device companies operate in Ireland, including 10 of the world’s top 15 device companies.

Many of these companies have their own molding shops, but there is also a substantial subsupply sector to support these foreign-owned enterprises. Of the 154 companies listed in AMI’s guide, 50% are in-house. Over 60% of all injection molders in Ireland are owned by a foreign parent, with American companies the largest investors, followed by German businesses.

A downturn in demand for IT and computer products in 2001 did have an impact on the injection molding industry with several companies shutting down in 2002. However, the medical devices industry remained a strong sector.

For 2002, AMI estimates that consumption of polymers by the injection molding sector amounted to 63,000 metric tons. After a disappointing 2001, demand rose by 3% over the previous year, in line with the average trends for a five-year period from 1997. AMI forecasts that for the next five years, demand will increase on average by 2% per year, which would result in an injection molding sector of about 70,000 metric tons by 2007.

The main challenge facing the industry is its reliance on foreign-owned OEMs with their global manufacturing capabilities.

ARRK Adds Two Project Advisers For Its Operations in the UK

The British rapid prototyping and tooling services organisation ARRK Product Development Group Ltd.has hired two new project advistors, John Lister for the UK Northwest Area and Helen Fowler for the Southeast Area.

Lister brings a wealth of experience with him to ARRK, having worked in engineering all his life. He was previously with a large US firm noted for the development of locking and latching systems for the auto industry. Lister will focus on strengthening ARRK’s production capabilities throughout the world, from SLA prototyping to production tooling.

Fowler comes to ARRK with a strong background in electronics and new customer development. ARRK expects that her background will make her a great asset for the company as it seeks to continually develop its levels of customer service.

CwnLong Centralizes Sales Operations in Houston

CenLong Tech. has announced that it has completed consolidating its North American sales operations, centtralizing them at the company’s headquarters in Houston, Texas. The company’s mill in Lorain, Ohio, will continue to produce its broad range of bronze products, but it will now operate solely as a production and shipping center, while the headquarters in Houston will be the focus for all business operations. Shipments will continue to originate from both warehousing facilities direct to customers.

In addition to its domestic operations, National Bronze & Metals maintains a network of offices in Africa, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East. The company specializes in a comprehensive range of brass, bronze and copper alloy rods, bars, wires, tube sections and hollow bars. It also maintains a state-of-the-art foundry for the production of bronze alloys, ranging from simple to complex shapes, to meet any detailed specifications.

Penn State, Private Industry Offer Tutorial in Powder Injection Molding

Today’s powder injection molding process is very sophisticated, with many processing variables and a high degree of material complexity. To help industry professionals improve their understanding of this process, the Center for Innovative Sintered Products (CISP) at Penn State University in the United States is teaming up with a private company, Innovative Material Solutions, Inc., to offer a two-day tutorial covering the most important factors in successful powder injection molding.

The hands-on tutorial, scheduled for October 22-23, will be held in Penn State’s home town of State College, Pennsylvania, about 220 km north of Washington, DC. The tutorial will be suitable for people new to the technology or those investing it for future applications. Following the tutorial’s presentations, there will be demonstrations at CISP’s P/M Lab

Plastic Box Mold

Do you looking for plastic box mold?

If so, I would introduce you a plastic box molding company who has been in the industry for over 20 decades – DongGuan Sincere Tech Co.ltd.

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plastic box mold making si same processing like other type of plastic molds making, here  are some procedues to let you know the basic information about plastic molds making, no matter automobile mold, toy mold, home appliances molds. car molds, household molds, plastic box molds etc, all the manufacturing p

rocess will be the same,The making a custom plastic molds involves a series of steps listed below, this is only A general procedure.

  1. Part design and mold structure analysis, then come to mold design process by using AUTOCAD or UG software.
  2. Mold manufacturing by using CNC,EDM, wire-cut, milling,polishing process and so on.
  3. Mold fitting and assembling the mold. Up to this step, the most important job has been done. A mold has been made.
  4. Mold trial process: Introduction of the plastic material in the heated chamber. The plastic material is mainly in the form of pellets which are liquefied by the high temperatures in the chamber.
  5. The liquefied material is allowed to flow into the mold that is used to make the plastic molding parts. It is commonly referred to as the shot.
  6. The material is allowed to cool and solidify while in the injection mold. Temperature can be regulated by using of cold water pipes or oil pipes. This is to cool or lower the temperatures to facilitate faster cooling of the molds.
  7. The plastic molding parts are then forced out of the mould once they fully solidify, the mold closes and the process is repeated, this repeated processing we called massive production.

The future of plastic molding

  Plastic molding is advancing over the years. The thinnest materials that the first injection molding machine could make were about 2.5 mm and the capacities of the discs was less than 1 GB. With advancement in technology, molds being made today can be as thin as 0.5 mm and can

hold 20 GB. Today, many molding companies are specializing in the production of particular parts in order to increase the quality of molds being produced. The increased number of companies in the business of plastic molding are increasing. This is expected to result in a drop in the prices of plastic molds in the future. It is also anticipated that companies will start using non-plastic materials for making molds in several years to come.

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PC Injection Molding

PC Injection Molding

Polycarbonate (PC) as the only five engineering transparent plastic products, production at home and abroad is growing rapidly, in 2000 the global production capacity is about 1.85 million tons, 2001 tons, 2002 tons, 2003 tons, is expected in 2004 will increase to 2.9 million tons, 2005 tons, with an average annual growth rate of about 12%.

PC injection molding

PC injection molding

PC plastic molding
Our country PC capacity for many years has been small, only three companies to maintain production, capacity of less than 5000 tons/a, the annual output 2000 tons, with China’s PC demand rapid growth, at present our country a PC joint venture cooperation construction unit upsurge, bayer company and Shanghai huayi group chlor-alkali chemical company in Shanghai chemical industry park construction 200000 tons/aPC device, is expected to a period of 50000 t/a device will be in production by the end of 2004, finished at the beginning of 2006, the second phase project of 100000 tons/a, in view of our country PC huge market demand, will eventually make the PC unit capacity to 200000 t/a, plant production is mainly in optical products, used in the production of CD, DVD, car lighting system, etc.

Japanese emperor people chemical is zhejiang jiaxing construction 50000 tons/aPC device, is expected to put into production in April 2005, the main raw material bisphenol A by mitsui chemical supplies, chlorine and caustic soda were from A local enterprise, carbon monoxide their production, products for general level products, mainly supply electrical components, auto parts production, plan in 2006 will add A 50000 t/A production device; At the same time the company in Shanghai gaoqiao free trade zone construction owned 18000 tons/aPC, ABS injection molding complex device, at present has gone into operation and plan in the first half of 2005 new 20000 tons/a second line. Japan mitsubishi gas in sichuan chemical company intends to build 100000 tons/aPC device, is expected to put into production in 2007.

ABS injection moulding

ABS injection moulding

Plastic Molds for PC palstic parts
In addition, the domestic and some enterprises and foreign cooperation or use of the technical construction scale PC production device, so the next few years China will enter a new stage of PC production in 2006, domestic production capacity will be increased to around 250000 tons/a, 2010 will reach 50-600000 tons/a. According to China’s PC huge potential market, foreign famous PC company not only in our cooperation construction production device, but also in China, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand and other countries and regions construction scale device, relatively more device investment is aiming at the market.

PC production technology progress main development trend is to develop the phosgene synthesis process to replace at present the main synthesis process interfacial polycondensation phosgene method, GE plastics and bayer company are developing their non phosgene method production technology and to the industrialized production, in addition xu/chi mei, mitsubishi chemical/mitsubishi gas, emperor people company, LG chemical company are developed non phosgene technology, are building or planning to build the phosgene method PC device, the phosgene method route will become the future PC of the main production line.

Market analysis for PC injection moulding 

In the 1990 s in China since the end of the PC demand from originally of textile industry with sand tube steering electronics/electrical, CD, construction, automobile industry and other fields, demand has increased dramatically. In 1999 the domestic consumption of about 140000 tons, and in 2003 increased consumption of 380000 tons, with an average annual growth of about 28%, far higher than the average growth of the national economy and other general engineering plastics growth. Due to the domestic production minimum, our country use PC mainly imported from abroad. In 1999-2003 in China PC net imports respectively for 138000 tons, 235000 tons, 212000 tons, 342000 tons, 381000 tons, and it does not include a number of smuggled in PC, also did not consider import finished product and leftover material, so the actual domestic import and consumption data than the customs statistics to be much higher, the domestic and foreign PC world agree that our country market potential is tremendous its relative stability.

Injection mold China

In 1999-2003 in China PC market fast growth was mainly to electrical and electronic products, hollow sunshine board, CD and DVD and non one-time drinking water and food container demand, at present, China’s PC consumption structure roughly as follows: electronic electrical and computer accessories accounted for about 42%; Hollow sunshine plate accounted for about 26.3%; CD and DVD about 13.1%; Drinking water and food containers accounted for about 10.5%; Composite materials and automobile industries accounted for about 9.1%. In the next few years our country original main consumption field will continue to maintain high growth momentum, computer and household appliances sustained growth, this in the future to a PC at an average rate of about 10% – 12%; Railway, highway, airport and urban construction, the hollow sunshine plate demand remains strong, and in recent years the domestic Yangtze river and the pearl river delta area using PC processing to produce the plank enterprise economic benefits than many polymer resin production enterprise good many, is expected to hollow sunshine board for future PC demand with an average annual growth rate of 12-15%; At present our country become the world’s second big CD consumer, before all of it relies on import CD grade PC production, with bayer Shanghai CD grade PC and put into production, the next few years for the PC CD demand will still remain more than 20% high speed growth; Experts predict the future domestic PC the fastest growth in demand will be in PC as the backing material polyolefin-g-mah/kind of composite material, the automobile industry will be the main pulling power. The expected future years our country PC demand with an average annual growth rate will be 15% – 20% between, 2006 domestic PC market demand will reach 55-650000 tons/a. Domestic production is still unable to meet the domestic market demand, will from neighboring countries such as Japan, South Korea, Thailand import a large number of products in the domestic market supply.

PC/ABS injection molding  mainly used in automobile industry

Application progress

At present the global PC application has to high functionalization, specialty direction development, in view of our country PC production capacity and market demand are presents the fast development situation, especially, the domestic many sets of large-scale device of construction, with the rapid development of automobile industry pulling, the next few years PC industry in our country has entered a new stage of development, the most key is to accelerate the PC application research.

First of all domestic production enterprises should make full use of domestic production capacity increase and in plastic modified and plastic alloy accumulated experience, to speed up the PC alloy composite material development, production and application, of which the most important is:

PC/ABS alloy, PC and ABS blend can comprehensive PC and ABS fine performance, on the one hand, can improve the ABS heat resistance, impact resistance and tensile strength, on the other hand, it can reduce the cost of PC and melt viscosity, improve the processing performance and reduce products internal stress and impact strength of the sensitivity of the product thickness. At present PC/ABS alloy development is rapid, the global output of about 850000 tons/a or so, China’s demand is about 200000 tons/a or so. The world each big companies to develop out of PC/ABS alloy new varieties, such as flame retardant, glass fiber reinforced, electroplating, such as ultraviolet radiation resistant varieties, mainly for the automobile industry, computer, photocopiers and to electrical and electronic components, etc. The domestic research and production company has Shanghai jie things jie company, Chinese academy of sciences, lanzhou university (htma changchun application etc.

PBT injection molding
PC/PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) alloy, PBT and PC blend system alloy material can improve the PC liquidity and improve the processing performance and resistance to chemical resistance. Japanese researchers use PC and PBT ester exchange in the presence of catalyst, system PC/PBT blend, comprehensive performance is good, and has a good transparency; With the PC refractive index similar glass fiber reinforced PC/PBT, not only system comprehensive excellent performance, but also has the very good transparency, and can do glass instead of material. At present foreign PC/PBT alloy products are mainly used for automobile bumper, packaging film materials, auto base and seat, etc. The domestic research has just started.

In addition PC/PS (polystyrene) alloy, PC/PET (polyethylene terephthalate) alloy, liquid crystal polyester modified PC, PET/PCL (by ethylene glycol, low molecular weight polycaprolactone and terephthalic acid copolymerization a multi-block copolyester) and PC blend modification, poly (1, 4 – cyclohexane two formic acid – 1, 4 – cyclohexane two methanol) ester modified PC is worth attention and research and development.

Secondly it should keep up with the international development trend, together with PC alloy material research advances, PC application range is expanding constantly, to speed up the PC consumption field development.

Wide wave transmission of optical devices,

PC sheet especially suitable for making lens, in the PC molecular chain introducing silica group, can improve the hardness and scratch resistance. PC as high refractive index plastic, used to make resistance to high temperature optical fiber core material, if in the PC molecular chain of C – H chain for C – F chain replaced, can reduce the absorption of visible light, can effectively reduce the transmission way signal loss. Another PC good pervious to light quality, in a transparent window material, high-rise building curtain wall, airport and sports venues transparent building materials applied very common and has potential, the future is focused on the improvement of the surface hardness and antistatic property. |

Flame retardant environmental communication appliances, we should focus on developing of flame retardant PC used for communication electrical field, so no pollution flame retardant PC material become development key, bromide flame retardants due to the toxicity in reducing use and environmental protection halogen free flame retardant agent can significantly reduce the PC thermal deformation temperature and impact strength, therefore more suitable is organic silicon flame retardants. In addition with communication electrical light miniaturization of PC material put forward higher requirements, the PC/ABS alloy is especially appropriate in communication appliances and aerospace industry application.

plastic molding

PC injection molding

Surface metallization of auto parts, PC surface metallization has good metal gloss and high strength, which are widely used in all kinds of auto parts, but plating process will reduce its impact toughness, and therefore the elastomer and PC for common mixing modification, contains elastomer distracted induced cracking stress, although the plating will not reduce the impact toughness, and therefore plating stage PC resin are development prospects. Another surface metallization PC can also as electromagnetic wave shielding material, the application of the computer.

Low residual harmful food container, industrial synthetic PC is bisphenol A type, because when synthetic trace unreacted monomer bisphenol A residue in the resin, in as drinking water and food containers, easy to be dissolve out so as to influence people in healthy body, therefore to develop health level PC resin, used as A water bucket and other food container production and use, as A water bucket and other food packaging materials and containers PC in the domestic application prospect is very good.

Anti cracking embrittlement of medical devices, PC has many excellent properties, at present has been used medical instrument, because of its resistance to chemical character is poorer, in the presence of chemical easy cause internal stress cracking, such as PC in artificial dialyser, artificial lung medical equipment application to solve high temperature disinfection lead to crack aging phenomenon, if overcome these disadvantages, PC in medical instrument can be applied in rapid expansion.

Food packaging materials and containers PC in the domestic application has a good prospect

Concluding remarks

At present our country PC industrial production, consumption and application into a rapid deplastic injection mouldvelopment in the new period, in view of the present situation in our country in addition to speed up the PC application study outABside, but also speed up the localization technology industrialization process, after many years of hard work our country – ester exchange method PC production technology mature, become very promising green production process, the domestic should collaborative promote industrialization process.

In addition the domestic production enterprises should avoid blind construction of introduction and PC device, can avoid competition hot, speeds up the PC materials such as bisphenol A and other production, future domestic bisphenol A great gap, from another point of promoting China’s PC industry development, but also effective to avoid market risks. At present the domestic technology level compared with foreign there is still a large gap, the existing small and medium-sized production device should speed up the technology introduction, digestion, absorption edge production side, and constantly bigger and stronger, and at the same time supporting production some PC composite material, set up the sales network, forming characteristic PC processing application enterprise.

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