Zinc Die Casting

Zinc Die Casting

A group of Zinc Die Casting faucet, into the copper plating requirements for character, the polished rack to do, always do not like the color of copper, it touches like imitation gold plated color, can not be successfully repeated several times, and plating colors will fade black, is there any way to solve similar or copper color similar to black and fade after plating the problem?

The answer plating plating and die by the poor surface quality and other factors.

     Casting should ensure a good surface quality, can not have loose, cracks, holes, bubbles, shrinkage, cold pattern, defects such as pinholes, or casting surface foaming after plating, electroplating layer from the substrate.

     Grinding and polishing before plating time, careful not to grind too.

     Because die castings during solidification, due to quenching and surface form a dense layer of chilled, and the internal organization may have holes, shrinkage and other defects.

     Do not rub off this good ground surface, or when there will be pitting plating, bubbles, etc. Also, do not weight too tight hot polishing wheel, abrasives and products to prevent adhesions, resulting in poor plating products.

     Easy oxidation of zinc, Aluminum Die Casting China a long time a layer of oxide film formed on the surface, affecting performance.

     Therefore, the removal of the oxide film to have a reducing substance can be acidic (eg hydrochloric acid) solution will be in and out of the surface oxide film