Cutting-Fluid Research & Development Giant Dispenses Machining Advice

Acutely aware of the nuanced differences among machine cutting fluids and the enormous impact they have on machine and tool performance, Oel-Held UK Ltd. has established the largest research and development facility dedicated to cutting fluids anywhere in the world. At its multimillion-pound site, it has created a range of machining fluids suited specifically to particular production requirement along with a number of fluids developed exclusively for difficult or unusual applications.

Oel-Held offers a full spectrum of cutting fluids, from water-soluble fluids for simple machining tasks to specialist oils created for complex high-speed tool grinding or, for instance, for completing grinding and spark erosion operations on one machine. The company is therefore well positioned to give objective advice aimed at ensuring that the correct fluid is selected for an application rather than simply one that someone’s rep wishes to sell.

In addition, Oel-Held provides an applications analysis service to help eliminate problems related to the cutting fluid and to identify production improvements that could be realized through the use of a more appropriate fluid.

The company is perhaps best known in the UK for its Sintogrind fluids, uniquely formulated synthetic thin-bodied oils that eliminate the problems associated with conventional cooling fluids. Kevin Ford at Industrial Tooling Corporation Ltd. has offered this testimony regarding his experience with the Sintogrind line: “In the past I have used other fluids, but I have never come across anything as good. We have machines which are four years old and still perform as if they are brand new. There is no need to clean them because they are constantly cleaned during use.”