1,000th ‘Power User’ Achieves Certification in SolidWorks Program

SolidWorks Corp. has reached a milestone in its international program to recognize the most proficient users of its 3D mechanical design software by designating the 1,000th Certified SolidWorks Professional (CSWP). The CSWP program makes it easier for design engineers to market themselves and their services, and helps employers identify individuals who excel at quickly designing sophisticated products.

Stephen Borg, CEO of Acorn Technical Services of Oak, Nebraska, USA, is the 1,000th CSWP. Certification helps him assure new customers that he is qualified in 3D mechanical design with SolidWorks.

“CSWP certification really means something,” Borg says. “Only skilled and proficient engineers even attempt the exam. So when we tell new customers we know SolidWorks, they don’t have to worry about our skills. And if I’m hiring a CSWP engineer, I can be confident that he or she is proficient with SolidWorks.”

Although challenging to obtain, CSWP certifications have doubled every year since the exam’s inception. Many software vendors offer certifications based on the results of a question-and-answer exam, but SolidWorks also requires a hands-on demonstration of modeling skills. Candidates must show that they have advanced skills in building parametric solid models and can adhere to evaluation criteria for accurate design specifications. By the end of the eight-hour exam, they will have modeled a minimum of six challenging parts, assemblies, and drawings.

“Design engineers who are proficient enough to become CSWPs become part of a special community of proven SolidWorks talent and solid modeling innovators,” said Jeremy Luchini, SolidWorks certification program manager. “SolidWorks is especially attentive to their feedback on our products, and their suggestions often show up in the next product release. We’re proud of the success of this program, which is challenging enough to be meaningful and accessible enough to be achievable.”

CSWPs receive event discounts, business card logos, SolidWorks active wear, and a listing on the Solidworks website. Information on the CSWP program is available on line.