Metal Casting

Metal mould casting production guide

This book for the metal type casting production is actual, from theory and practice system introduced in metal mold from design, production to finished product technology base knowledge, operation skills, equipment to use as well as to improve the quality of castings in the methods of content, including metal mold design, casting, metal mold design scheme, Aluminum Casting sand core / shell tribute, casting alloy, heat treatment and casting defect analysis and preventing etc.. The book proceeds the metal mould casting of Gypsies of scientific and technological achievements and commonly used standard, citing a large number of production example, facilitate the reader consults. This book is available in the field of casting technical personnel, management personnel and technical workers in enterprises in practice for reference, but also for professional colleges, research staff to read.

The progress of science and technology and our national economic development, on the casting production raised taller requirement. In recent years. Metal mold casting a wide range of applications, to further meet the needs of industrial and agricultural production, promote the development of foundry production.

At present, in the metal casting enterprises and workers is increasing day by day, I have been to many factories, and are engaged in the work of the business leaders, technical personnel and management staff to carry on the exchange, they all wanted me to write this book of practical technology, so as to guide the practice, make produce detours. Although I am in the nineteen sixties and 70’s, were prepared by the” metal mold design and manufacture”,” aluminum alloy metal casting” two books, but so long. The metal mold casting of science research and production practice, and the emergence of many new results. In order to meet the needs of the community, to further promote aluminum casting China is special casting enterprise development, I wrote the” metal type casting production guide”.

The book to sum up experiences and lessons, and the income of the latest scientific and technological achievements and Chinese and foreign relevant technical standards. In order to reflect the complete book of books, incorporated before I and Xiao Ziqiang Li Ren high school, Zhang Yanwei professor of common research and the preparation of an internal issue book in part; the book castings and tooling design, equipment design and technical parameters, most businesses to support provided by. In this heartfelt thanks to all support the book was written and published comrade.

Limited to the level, the content of the book is inappropriate, adjure a reader.