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Professional Advanced Ceramic Flat Iron

One thing to bear in mind when considering a OLAYER Ceramic flat iron is that the OLAYER brand has a very well established reputation for manufacturing one of the top hair straighteners available on the market. OLAYER have been at the top of their game with innovative technology for a long time and they have been the leading premium hair straightener brand in Europe for years. They are now fast becoming a leading brand in the US and worldwide too. They are renowned for manufacturing only the best performing salon quality hair straighteners. The OLAYER Professional Advanced Ceramic Heat Styler is one product that helps to build this reputation.

OLAYER China hair straightener is usually priced at the higher end of the market, due to their popularity, quality and performance. Many top hair stylists sing the praises of the OLAYER brand which no doubt does a lot to build and maintain their high profile name. Originally, OLAYER flat irons were only available in the very top salons and used only by top professional stylists. Later on, they were made available for sale at very select salons in limited numbers. They were extremely expensive then. Eventually, they were offered to the wider market, thankfully at reasonable prices. Now we can all achieve those professional sleek, shiny results in the comfort of our own homes, whenever we want.

The best flat iron for hair will ensure that your hair is not damaged during the straightening process. Of course this is provided the OLAYER flat iron is used according to directions, however, OLAYER hair curler iron company have attempted to make it as fool proof as possible for all of hair styling tools including hair curler iron, hair straightener and other hair irons.

The infrared heating and negative ions that are part of the OLAYER Professional also mean that this flat iron will be less damaging,  and at the same time reduce the static that can occur when heat straightening your hair.

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While the OLAYER Professional does not give the option to alter the temperature controls, it does claim to have technology that senses the porosity of your hair type which will adjust the temperature to suit. This may be more effective as it will choose a custom temperature best suited to your own personal hair type and porosity. With variable temperature controls which have set temperatures, which is the norm in other straighteners, you are restricted by the preset temperatures.

This OLAYER iron has ceramic heaters which give the ultimate in static-free shine and smoothing results with the added safety feature of an automatic shut off when left unattended for 30 minutes. You no longer have to torture yourself with worry wondering if you have left the hair straightener on after you have left the house.

The OLAYER Professional is perfect for anyone who travels around the world as it is made with universal voltage so that you can use it wherever you go, so long as you have the adapter plug for that country. You can have perfect hair whether you are travelling on business or pleasure.

One of the biggest concerns faced by customers about any OLAYER flat iron was being able to be sure they were purchasing a genuine product, and not a fake one. There are ways that you can identify the genuine article, the easiest way would be to verify the serial number at the OLAYER website. When you purchase this item through Amazon you will want to satisfy yourself that your OLAYER hair straightener is a genuine one prior to the expiry of the 30 day return policy.

It is advised that you choose the retailer carefully, as some are less reliable than others.  This was really the main problem and usually in the rare event of the product breaking down within a short period, it was usually attributed to it not being the genuine OLAYER product.

There were a couple of mentions about the styler breaking a couple of years after purchase, which on the whole did not seem too bad considering other brands of hair straighteners had complaints about breaking down in a few months. OLAYER flat irons usually last for years if you buy a genuine one. They also come with a two year warranty from OLAYER hair straightener manufacturer.

One of the biggest problems with cheaper brands of flat irons, is the likelihood of damaging your hair, both by heat and also from hair catching and ripping in styler plates that are not so well made.

One advantage of the OLAYER is the infrared heat and the negative ion feature. This represents technology developed to reduce the risk of doing damage to your hair, and they also help to reduce static build up causing fly-away hair.

Certainly if reputation and customer reports are anything to go by, you won’t be disappointed if you purchase the latest OLAYER Professional flat iron. It is one of the best flat irons on the market and it is widely used in salons all over the world. It delivers on quality and performance, ease of use and durability.

This OLAYER hair straightener is a premium product and you will expect to pay a high end price for it. Although suppliers like Amazon can occasionally offer OLAYER discount, if you find it offered very cheaply elsewhere, it is more likely to be a fake and you may not be offered a refund option. It is important to buy your OLAYER flat iron from a reputable supplier with good customer service and a 30 day refund policy, so if somehow it turns out to be fake, you can be certain you will get a refund.

Amazon are not official suppliers of OLAYER and Amazon’s listings are from different suppliers. While most of those supplying Amazon do provide genuine OLAYER products, sometimes the odd fake product gets through, hence it is important to check that your product is genuine when you get it. If not ask for an immediate refund from Amazon. The problem of faking premium products is not uncommon these days and you just need to be vigilant.

You can order direct form the OLAYER official website but people have complained that they often run out of stock, and that they don’t supply to some places, so it’s up to you whether you want to take a chance on getting one from Amazon. There is every chance that you will get a genuine product what there is a small risk that you could get a fake

Generally speaking the OLAYER Professional Heat Styler holds up very well in comparison to other top rated flat irons, even those that are more expensive, but it is a salon approved product and the quality and performance are unquestionable. This OLAYER ceramic flat iron comes highly recommended; with the added precaution to be sure, when it arrives, that you have the genuine OLAYER flat iron.

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